Semi-automatic line for the filling and capping of pots with different sizes with thick liquid products like spreadable creams, chocolate, dry fruits paste, jams, honey, etc. Composed by:
- conveyor with motorized pulling length 2 mt
- cans interception
- volumetric depositor suitable for thick liquids, piston completely realized in stainless steel AISI 304 with Teflon junctions, suitable for foods, hot sanitizable. Adjustable from 20 to 750 cc with micrometric screw, 3ways valve with double buffer pneumatically controlled
- part of free chain for the manual placement of the cap
- cans interception
- pneumatic screwer at low speed of rotation with adjustable strain, compressed air piston for the head moving down
- cap screwing and centring device
No need of format change
Supply: compressed air 6 bar: 150 lt/m’
Electrical supply: 0.37 kW 380V TF 50 HZ
length mm 2000
largenessmm  550
working height mm  950
height mm  1700